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On Nov 10, 2010, Dorene wrote: hello, you were given to me as a referral for mike's outdoor yard work...
first, are you in anyway related or work for either mike or gary?
second, what type of work did they do for you?
third, were you completely satisfied with the work done?
fourth, was there anything they could have done better?
thankyou for your time

Hello Dorene,
Thank you for your e-mail and the opportunity to respond.
I am unrelated to Mike and/or Gary.
Mike's Outdoor Services is a full service yard, landscaping, and maintenance company.
During the winter months MOS is contracted for snow removal and during the green season yard care and mowing;
also the removal of leaves during the months of autumn.
I've come to rely on their referral of trades professionals, i.e.: plumbers and other craftsman.
Both Mike and Gary are highly professional, well respected throughout the Brewster area,
meticulous and straight forward--there is a great deal of integrity that goes along with their fair pricing and reliability.
"... was there anything they could have done better?"
They perform signature work and the end product/service is a quality job well done.
Without limitation I recommend Mike's Outdoor Services.
Best, --Cal






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